Interior Renovations

Modern house renovation

This was a 30 years old house to renovate.

Demolition included old kitchen, old carpet and tiles on main floor.

Old carpet Old kitchen

Carpet on second floor and basement was removed as well.

Bathroom demolition was completed.

New windows were installed.

Two closets on second floor were removed.

Stairs railing ware removed.

Old floor Old stair

Old drywall on kitchen was removed to install new wiring and plumbing.

Two new bathrooms were built.

New floors were installed.

New floors New floor

Steps and posts were refinished.

Old stairs New stair New railing

New trim was installed.

New trim

Painting was completed.

Storage in main bedroom was mounted.

Bedroom storage

Garage was re-taped and painted.

Painting garage

New applinces were installed.

New kitchen

Main door was installed.

New door

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