Interior Renovations

Old house renovation

This project was about to renovate 100 years old house.

Most of interior parts were originals, like windows, plaster, stairs, heating radiators.

Old house demolition floor Old stairs

It came as "empty" but it took 9 yards bin to make it really empty.

New electrical service was installed.

Another part was to demolish kitchen and old floors.

New windows shrank heating bill in a half.

Next step was to demolish old bathroom with unmovable cast iron bath.

Old bathroom Old bath

Basement was cleaned of junk and water pipes insulation.

Old basement

New water service and drain were connected.

Water service

Attic frame and insulation part began.

Attic frame

Old plaster was removed.

Removed plaster

New wiring was installed.

One bedroom already converted into laundry room was changed to additional bathroom.

Old laundry New bathroom

Attic drywall installation was completed.

Finished attic Finished attic

Basement framing was completed.

Old basement Finished basement

Powder room on main floor was built.

Before powder room Refinished stair Powder room

New drywall was installed.

Taping and plastering were completed.

Fireplace was refinished.

Old fireplace Refinished fireplace Refinished fireplace

New floors and steps were placed.

New floors

New trim and doors were installed.

Old trim New trim

Painting was done.

New kitchen was installed.

Old kitchen New kitchen New kitchen

New bathroom was installed.

Old bathroom New bathroom New bathroom

Main door installed.

Old door New door

Major wash was completed.

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